Iwan G. Williams

Board Member

Iwan Williams has over thirteen years’ experience working in arts coordination and project development. He co-founded Datrys in 2005. 
Iwan has worked in the commercial Welsh film industry and in the voluntary and public sectors, completing comprehensive arts mapping exercises for two Welsh local authorities.
Iwan has worked for Mentrau Iaith Cymru since 2004, providing support for twenty three independent organisations promoting Welsh language throughout Wales, creating and delivering partnership projects, fundraising, consulting and networking. During his time there the organisation’s turnover has seen an increase of over 1000% and the national team doubling in size.
Iwan has contributed to the North Wales arts scene (his uncommonly regular appearances on Welsh radio, television and newsprint standing testament) including roles as co-founder and strategic developer of successful Welsh language arts festival, Llanast Llanrwst, and the enigmatic multi-disciplinary arts organisation Real Institute.