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  • "Pupils had enjoyed and had developed dance skills."
    Ysgol BorthygestPorthmadog, Gwynedd
  • "The children really enjoyed. The sessions gave the pupils a chance to develop ideas and work as part of a team."
    Ysgol Dolbadarn Gwynedd
  • "It was nice that the tutor came from another culture and that she could carry out the lessons in the Welsh language."
    Ysgol BorthygestPorthmadog, Gwynedd
  • "Some aspects of the sessions matched the work on the curriculum."
    Ysgol DolbadarnGwynedd
  • "Good to see the children having ideas and creating their own dances."
    Prosiect Dawns Ysgol y GelliCaernarfon, Gwynedd
  • "Very happy. The conclusion of the lessons was worth seeing and the audience enjoyed the performance."  
    Ysgol GroeslonGwynedd

Why dance activities in school?

Curriculum enrichment

Movement sessions provide the perfect forum for integrating physical activities with other areas of the curriculum. Research shows that movement and exercise can spark the growth of new brain cells and facilitate learning. Listening and responding to directions, offering suggestions, exploring others’ ideas while waiting for a turn, and simply moving in a shared space together are opportunities for learning and practicing social skills.

Accommodating children with special needs. Most movement activities can be modified to allow all children to participate. Children can approach movement in individual ways, according to each one’s imagination, ability, and experience. Creative movement gives children opportunities to move in new ways and helps them learn that there can be more than one solution to a question, a problem, or a task.

Movement as an antidote to obesity

We regularly work in schools offering specifically devised projects to enrich the curriculum and develop the children’s skills and learning abilities.

Our projects explore various themes and take different formats, exploring current issues (Environment) or being inspired by some of the finest international contemporary work. We also respond to specific requests from schools.

We use Creative Dance to encourage children to use their own imagination, knowledge and ideas to be come the creators of their own dances.

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