Sioe Fawr Blynyddol

Sioe Fawr Blynyddol
September 3, 2015 admin

aros  am gyfieithiad

Roedd ein cynhyrchiad Gaia yn 2015 yn archwilio yr effaith y mae dyn yn gael ar ein planed a’r newid yn yr hinsawdd.

‘wonderful’, ‘brilliant’, ‘moving’, ‘brave’, ‘inclusive’, ‘stunning’, ‘amazing’, ‘powerful images’

‘This performance presentation was an experience. A tactile, sensory,

emotional storm.

Completely poignant, educational, beautiful, edge of your seat thought provoking

Gaia pushed the boundaries of the conventional community dance performance and what that has come to mean. This was a stronger voice, the power of the message laid bare from the mouths of our children and their ideas!’

Rosie Hazel, national Adviser for ACW.

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